Dr. Adam Arthur - Interview with NeuroNews International

Adam Arthur was one of few neurosurgeons in the USA to develop a busy practice in both open cerebrovascular surgery and endovascular neurosurgery. As is so often the case, he has had an array of influential mentors that helped guide him as he paved his career path. Now, as not only a Semmes Murphey physician but the current president of the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS), he tells NeuroNews about the important trial results he is awaiting this year, the highlights of the 2019 meeting, and the specific technology he is looking forward to seeing evolve.

"I love working in a team with smart, motivated people. I love getting to work with my hands, doing real things that have measureable results. I love getting to help patients, and being able to work with new technology. It is unbelievable that I get to do all of those things as a “job”."

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