Dr. Autry Parker Speaks to the Opioid Crisis

Dr. Autry Parker, Semmes Murphey physician and President of the Memphis Medical Society, speaks to the opioid crisis and how important it is for physicians to advocate for the community.

"Up until recently, Shelby County was the one county in the state of Tennessee that had not been overly affected by the opiate epidemic," Dr. Parker said. "I like to think that's partly because of the standard of care that we [have] expected here...Since there were only two or three other pain specialists here when I arrived, I'd like to think that we had something to do with that."

Dr. Parker is a board certified, fellowship trained anesthesiologist specializing in the interventional treatment of severe spinal and neuromuscular pain. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Parker was an early pioneer in the comprehensive treatment of pain in Shelby County.

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