Surgery Center

Download the  Semmes Murphey Surgery Center Brochure in PDF format.

The Semmes Murphey Surgery Center was expanded in 2007 to include three operating rooms and nine patient recovery suites. Each patient recovery suite includes a restroom, television, and WIFI for an optimal recovery experience. It is our priority that your time at Semmes Murphey is as worry free and comfortable as possible. 

There is also a small refreshment area with soft drinks, snacks, and coffee for visitors and friends/family who accompany you. A nurse from the Surgery Center will call or meet with you prior to your surgery to answer questions you may have and address any concerns.



Please be sure to:

• Bring a list of all current medications.
• Remove makeup, including false eyelashes, and nail polish.
• If you wear contacts, leave them at home and bring your glasses instead.

Where do I go to check-in?

The surgery center is located in the Semmes Murphey clinic at 6325 Humphreys Boulevard. You will take the elevator in the lobby to the 2nd floor so you can check in at the front desk, fill out any necessary paperwork, and pay any financial obligations prior to your surgery.

What can I eat?

Nothing… you are not allowed to eat, drink, or chew anything after midnight the day of surgery (unless otherwise instructed). This includes chewing gum, mints and dipping tobacco. Your surgery will be delayed or cancelled if this is not followed. You may brush your teeth the morning/day of surgery, but you may not swallow the water. Depending on the length of stay for recovery, we may provide you with a meal after your surgery.

Who can I bring?

The policy of the surgery center requires that you have a responsible adult at least 18 years of age accompany you and drive you home. Someone must remain in the surgery center until you are discharged. It is recommended that you do not bring small children since no one under the age of 14 is allowed in the patient care area. Visitors are limited to two at a time. 

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing the day of surgery, and please leave all valuables at home, including jewelry and all body piercings, which will have to be removed before surgery. 

How long will I remain in the surgery center after surgery?

Your time spent in recovery post-surgery will depend on the type of surgery and anesthesia you will be receiving. All post-operative instructions will be discussed with you and given to you prior to your discharge home. 

What about care after I go home?

You should plan to have a responsible adult stay with you for at least the first 24-hours after discharge. One of the surgery center nurses will also call you the next business day to check on you and answer any questions you may have. You may also call 901.522.7700 or 800.727.0761 at any time to reach your physician with questions or concerns. 


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