Our History

It has been over one hundred years since Dr. Eustace Semmes came to Memphis as the first neurosurgeon in the city. Very little was known about the field of neurosurgery at the time, and there was a great need. With his first associate, Francis Murphey, he founded the Semmes Murphey Clinic. Since then, the Clinic has maintained a long history of medical service and innovation, as well as a reputation for excellence. 

Dr. Semmes

Dr. Semmes was among the top ten in his medical school graduating class at Johns Hopkins University. He was awarded a surgical internship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital where he received his neurosurgical training under Dr. Harvey Cushing, the Father of Neurosurgery in America. Dr. Semmes returned home to Memphis in 1912 to establish a practice in both general and neurological surgery. This was the same year that Baptist Hospital opened its doors.

After serving in France during World War I, Dr. Semmes returned to Memphis in 1919 where he reopened his office, devoting all his time to neurosurgery. He was appointed the first Professor of Neurosurgery in 1932 at the University of Tennessee.

Committed to educating and training the next generation of neurosurgeons, Dr. Semmes developed a program via the Semmes Murphey Clinic and the University of Tennessee in which Residents, both nationally and internationally, have been able to further develop their neurological skills.

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That commitment to training future generations of neurosurgeons continues today.

Semmes Murphey Today

Semmes Murphey's commitment to train and educate extends to other countries in which doctors and surgeons are in need of high level training opportunities. The Semmes Murphey doctors have taken part in several medical mission trips in order to provide hands-on demonstrations of their techniques. Read more

The staff and doctors at Semmes Murphey are committed to furthering Dr. Semmes' legacy by serving the community in all of the local hospitals, and educating other doctors and medical students both nationally and globally. 

Semmes Murphey has helped countless people over the last hundred years get their lives back to normal. See how we continue to raise the bar for neurological care.

the Semmes Murphey Difference