Semmes Murphey has helped countless people over the last hundred years get their lives back. Watch their stories to see how.

Susan DeRossitt

Susan had a long history of neck and shoulder pain that got progressively worse over time. Not able to deal with the pain, she was referred to Semmes Murphey Clinic where she discovered that she had a disc herniation in her neck. Dr. Jason Weaver recommended that Susan have ACDF surgery, an outpatient, minimally invasive disc fusion.

Robert Johnson

Robert came to Semmes Murphey with lots of back pain that had started to radiate through his legs. For two years, he tried to cope with the pain through pain blocks until he was referred to Dr. Jason Weaver who recommended TLIF surgery, a minimally invasive spinal fusion.

Lisa James

Artist Lisa is back to the drawing board after working with Semmes Murphey doctors to treat her spinal bone spurs, which could have left her paralyzed. See her story.

Tara Peeper

Tara is a 4th grade teacher with a sixth sense. Fortunately, she came to Semmes Murphey at the onset of early symptoms and was able to avoid further complications from a brain aneurysm. See her story.

Lucy Krull

Lucy survived brain and spinal cancer and is back to being a kid again at home with her family. See her story.

Semmes Murphey physicians and support teams are dedicated to raising the bar for neurological advancements in technique, protocols and innovation with an equal passion for enhancing patient care and convenience.  That’s the Semmes Murphey Difference.

the Semmes Murphey Difference